The Song, “Rock the Boat*” by the Hues Corporation was one of the first disco hits of the 1970’s.  As teenagers, my sister and I often sang these lyrics:

So I’d like to know where, you got the notion

My Sister Melinda and Me,  circa 1966
Said I’d like to know where, you got the notion
To Rock The Boat, don’t rock the boat baby
Rock the boat, don’t tip the boat over…

A notion is a belief or an idea.  This is the idea page. OUR idea page.  You can find my ideas for future articles here and I invite you to share your ideas as well. Just leave a note in the comment box titled “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of the page.

All ideas, hopes, dreams, and questions are welcome.  Let me know what you think about my ideas too! Is there a concept that has never been explained to you clearly? Tell me! I will prioritize my writing to meet reader’s needs and interests.

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Ideas, notions, beliefs, hopes, dreams….. (the stuff in my head!)

Since these ideas are “works in progress,” the actual titles and final content may be modified prior to publication.  But here is what is “on the back burner” (an expression meaning, something that is in process, but not getting active attention):

  • Double Bubble Train Your Face for English! (published March 2015)  Let me know if you are interested in “Train Your Face” merchandise as well. 
  • Ebook: The A,B,C’s of Pronunciation English is a “non-phonetic” language (meaning the spelling and the pronunciation DO NOT go hand-in-hand*). I am in the process of creating my first ebook, which will identify ALL the English sounds associated with the letters of the alphabet.
  • If the Suit Fits, Wear It! This article will talk explain the difference between the verbs “suit” and “fit”
  •  My Brother from Another Mother (This funny sounding expression is a cool way to refer to a friend who is “as close as a brother).  This article will include a variety of resources for working on the voiced “th” sound
  • Diminutives, Such Sweet Little Things! This article will explain what a diminutive and how you can use these sweet little things in your own conversation and writing!
  • Tough Topics  Talking about Seniority, Aging/Death, Women and women’s work, and ethnicity with Diplomacy Knowing how to talk about these tough topics are important.  I will explain how to express these ideas with tact (the art of talking about difficult issues without offending or upsetting others). This will be a series of articles.  Click here to read the first one: Tough Topics: Aging and Death
  • It Takes All Kinds, Sorts, and Types This article will explain the difference between types, kinds, and sorts and teach you how to use these words.
  • How versus What  How do you know when to use “how” versus “what”?  What’s the weather like?, How is the weather?  This article will help clear the fog surrounding the use of these two words!
  • Do you Speak Blog? Learning how to set up a blog required me to acquire a whole new vocabulary!  I’ll share what I learned and share the resources I found so you can start your own blog if you’d like.
  • Do you Speak Baseball? I love baseball and related sports like softball and T-ball.  I’ll explain the basics and share with you the cool idioms that baseball has contributed to English. My goal is to “knock it out of the park” with article!
  • Excuse Me?! Several of my business students have asked about “polite” English.  This article will share the excellent resources that I’ve found for teaching and learning politeness, negotiation, and tact.
  • All worked up about work?  Work it! This article will explain the difference between work and job, and how to use these words properly and will include some fun “work” idioms.
  • In the “In-crowd” is Where It’s At! This lesson will explain the difference between at and in, and will explain the idioms in the title! 😉
  • Jackpot  This “page” (not post) will provide an organized list of all my favorite esl learning and teaching resources.  It will also explain a car game called “Jackpot!”

Guest posts and contributions are welcomed and encouraged (as long as they support the intent of this blog: to increase of understanding of conversational English and of Christian/church “lingo”)

All ideas, hopes, dreams, and questions are welcome Click To Tweet

One thought on “Notions

  1. By mastering the English language, you can improve
    your life along with the lives of your family.
    Make general bullet points under each – only points – do not write an essay on each.

    Not to mention, conversations allow the tutor to pick up incorrect pronunciations or grammatical errors before they become rooted into habits.

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