Double Bubble Train Your Face

English is a sport for your face! Proper pronunciation requires A LOT of movement of the tongue, lips, jaw and diaphragm.  I am excited to present a video tutorial which will show you a FUN and effective way to train your face for English!  This is great training for English language learners, singers, people who  have to communicate over the phone or Skype a lot, and those who speak in public.

After watching several impressive teachers in action (Bill Acton, Marsha Chan, and the fictional Mr. Miyagi) I was reminded of several truths. First: Stretching is essential for any activity.  This is true for speaking and singing as well.  Another important point not mentioned in my video tutorial is:  Breathing from the diaphragm will give you more oxygen, will help you relax and give you more power for speaking, singing, and living! (How to Breathe With Your Diaphragm).  I was also inspired by Tim Gallwey, a tennis coach who has become famous for his concept and book titled, “The Inner Game.”  Gallwey realized that athletes were over-thinking things and their mind was actually interfering with what their body “knew” to do naturally.

So, by focusing on something other than pronunciation, you will be able to build strength and flexibility in the muscles you need for better enunciation.*

Tips For Blowing a Good Bubble
  • Start with a clean mouth   Food particles will damage the integrity of the gum; the food will absorb some of the gum and the gum will literally fall apart. 
  • Gum can be over-chewed   Once the gum gets too hard it is more difficult to smooth and flatten into your “gum pancake”
  • More gum is better for double (or triple bubbles) But the thicker the bubble, the more difficult it will be to see the second bubble inside.
  • Don’t give up!  Any new skill takes practice. If your jaws and face get tired, you know they got a good workout!  Keep on training!


Here are the varieties of gum that I tested for this tutorial (please share in the comment section below if you have a favorite that is not listed):

Michele MVE 02 Icon 80 Percent JPEGSeal of Approval   Bubble Yum sugarless, and Extra Classic Bubble sugarfree…This gum was a nice rubbery consistency after just a couple of minutes of chewing! This means you won’t have to spend 20 minutes or more chewing out all of the flavoring.  One piece works for a single bubble.  I used two pieces for a double bubble.

Michele MVE 02 Icon 80 Percent JPEGSeal of Approval   Hubba Bubba  I tried the Bubble Tape as well the “MAX” Strawberry Watermelon flavor you see in the video.  I used about 16″ (sixteen inches = 40.6 centimeters) of the tape variety, which has a lot of powder that got all over my hands and subsequently my keyboard.  🙁  I used two pieces of the MAX, either variety works well for double and triple bubble blowing.

Orbit Bubblemint flavor, sugar free.  I found this gum to be similar to the Project 7 gum that I demonstrate in my video.  It is soft and chewy but doesn’t hold up* well and doesn’t make large even bubbles.

.       The Gum Wall, Seattle, WA

Project 7 Gourmet Gum sugar free… This gum helps support a good cause: anti-bullying programs.  As a general rule, gum that does not say “bubble gum” doesn’t work well for blowing bubbles.  Unfortunately, Project 7 gum (although delicious) is not ideal for bubble gum blowing.

Trident sugar free bubblegum….took 3 pieces and wasn’t very hard, had to chew it for a long time (over ten minutes). Again, not ideal for bubble gum blowing.

 My Take On it

My training is in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  I have given many lectures, made presentations, and was a travelling singer and radio newscaster in college. I have NOT been trained to do speech therapy.  So, if you have TMJ, Down’s Syndrome, have had a stroke, or brain injury, or have any other physical or medical concern which affects your ability to produce sound, or open and close your mouth, talk to your doctor or therapist before beginning this training.

And have fun and take my double bubble challenge!

Thanks, Michele



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    1. Bless you! I’m flattered that even with a broken jaw you are thinking about taking the challenge! First things first: get well and strong and then you blow bubbles! 😀 Michele

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